We intend to create a flexible, dynamic web site that is easy to maintain and further develop. We will
develop a user-centered site that can deliver large amounts of information to our key audience –
Renewable Energy Association of Ghana. We will incorporate in our design, the fact that the technology
resources our audience members may use to access the content will vary from mobile phones to
desktop computers. In addition to designing a site with an intuitive and responsive interface, we will also
include a web-based administration tool that allows key management personnel to easily update and
add content without directly accessing source code.
After careful analysis of the possible information needs of the association, we suggest the following
major structure for the website.  
Landing Pages
These are the major page links that will appear at the top of the website. For simple and easy
navigation, landing pages will be limited to a total of six. However access of two additional landing pages
will be restricted to member sign in.  
Suggestions for landing pages in order are described as follows:
Home: This landing page will be the first page to be seen when the website is accessed. Captions for
important notices, news and updates as well as other exciting/major events will be promoted at the
front page. A combination of dynamic and static images will be blended with the caption to make
communication more vivid. Also, links to important external websites such as social networks and
REAG’s partners will be featured at the home page.
About Us: On this landing page, detailed information about the association will be provided. The
relevant information in this landing page will be embedded in three sub-links namely;


Come to Us

World Trade Centre, M. F1
No. 29 Independence Avenue
Accra, Ghana


Call / Send SMS / Email Us

(+233) 24 4981 590
(+233) 24 3090 071


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